Entirely live and analog dirty acid vibes from Kick.S on Japan's Acidworks.

Kick.S - X1531 is out now on Acidworks [BUY]

The Barcelona-based artist and co-owner of modular synth manufacturer Endorphin.es, drops a new EP of dark techno vibes on February 28th.

Julia Bondar - I Want Forbidden is available for preorder now [BUY]

This is the opening track from the debut EP of the mysterious duo Humanmask. So mysterious in fact that this track seems to only exist on Beatport. Grab it now for its dirty industrial analog vibes.

Humanmask - Cold Camouflage Night is out now on Darkroom Bureau [BUY]

I love this cut of French electro house from Paris-based producer Molecule.  The dirty arpeggio of the first half gives way to a more laid-back lush chord overlays before the track washes out for the final minute.

Molecule - Réminiscences is out now on Ed Banger Records [BUY]

Frau Doktor Sarah (a.k.a. Austrian producer Sarah Hornik) drops this wonderfully dark techno track on Waffensupermarkt's label ANALOGmusiq. I love how the track breaks out traditional structures and the transitions feel evolutional rather than functional. Also, it's a banger.

Frau Doktor Sarah - Border Check is out now on ANALOGmusiq [BUY]

Originally released in 2017, Carvings is the opening track on an EP that started as jams on analog hardware. I love how the middle section gets dark with a delayed bass stab before moving back to the more ethereal feel of the first half of the track.

Other Form - Carvings is out on Unknown Movements [BUY]

I like how this track keeps things industrial and tastefully uses mutated  distorted guitar stabs without ever getting too far into metal territory.

TVO - I Like To Remember Things My Own Way (Eraserlog Toadhead Doin' Ok Mix) is out now on Broken20 [BUY]

Low-key minimal vibes  from Koichiro Okada on Russian label Figura Music

Koichiro Okada - Spiral is out now on Figura Music [BUY]

Here is a gem from 2014 when Cardopusher was moving into the acid/EBM sound that they are now known for. Released on Classicworks (the label they co-own with Nehuen), this is slow and dirty acid at its finest.

Cardopusher - Mouthwash Acid [BUY]

Originally released in April 2018, I love this darkly percussive track that weaves acoustic drum hits and synthetic stabs into a hypnotic patchwork.

Zarpas - Inyectable is out on Cyberna [BUY]