The mysterious London-based producer FSS (aka the not so safe-search friendly Fucking Shit Show) drops their debut album MMXX_FFS this week. It's a mangled collection of noise punk spread over nine tracks.

MWP1B_115 (can all track names have the BPM in it, please?) blends playful lo-fi broken beat noise with a wicked groove. For me, once you hear it you know you have to buy it immediately.

FSS - MWP1B_115 is out now on Veyl [BUY]

This dub-y acid track from the Mexican duo Ali X & Pvlomo, is the highlight of Get Physical's latest compilation

Ali X & Pvlomo - Starstruck! is out now on Get Physical Music [BUY]

Moscow resident Kolomensky kicks off the first release on Moil with this groove-laden cut of EBM-tinged tech.

Kolomensky - Not Too Late is out now on Moil [BUY]

I've been on a on a minimal acid streak recently and that continues with the Colombian procuder DJ Nexxo dropping Kourou this week. I like the restraint shown in the instrumentation; just a few sounds that fit perfectly together with no excess.

DJ Nexxo - Kourou is out now on Panic Music [BUY]

Italian producer Vicky Montefusco is known for their 80s vibes, and keeps it low-key acid with the title track of their latest EP.

Vicky Montefusco - Justice is out now on Dusk & Waves [BUY]

Early-set grooves here from Israeli producer Benki with a tight blend of broken beat and modular stabs.

Benki - Natural Selection is out now on Observant [BUY]

Traversable Wormhole - Stargates

Traversable Wormhole (aka Adam X) return eight years since their last album for some more sci-fi techno with the album Regions of Time which sparkles like intergalactic energy pulses.

The final track  Stargates slows things down a little (which track would you expect QLB to pick?!) with a dirty breakbeat layered under swirling arpeggios to create a vibey dark monster of a track.

Side note: if you're in New York this Thanksgiving, Adam X and MAEDON are playing at Bossa Nova on Nov 28 (free entry before 12). It's a lineup so good that it makes me consider cancelling Thanksgiving with the fam so I can stay in town.

Traversable Wormhole - Stargates is out now [BUY]

This classic 2013 track from the prolific Amsterdam producer  popped up this week on the Kollektor compilation Acid in My System Pt. 2. A dirty mix of EBM, 90s rave and acid, I Set Fires to Feel Joy sounds just as fresh six years later

Drvg Cvltvre - I Set Fires to Feel Joy was released in 2013 on Radio Kobayashi  [BUY]

mode_alone (aka Bryan Mette) keeps things acid with Possessing Little / Less Possessed, blending chirpy acid lines and dark textured drones. Listen out for how it plays with mixed straight and swung hi-hat patterns.

mode_alone - Possessing Little / Less Possessed is out now on Massa Records [BUY]

Amsterdam-based producer Gamma Intel brings some whipsmart EBM with their latest four track EP. The dark grooves of Fata M is the standout track for me.

Gamma Intel - Fata M is out now on brokntoys [BUY]