Diana Azzuz - Recursive Gesture (M.E.S.H. remix) is out on on Standard Deviation [BUY]

Berlin-based producer Luca Draccar brings the dark vibes in this cut from their latest EP Flamboyant. It's a skillful blend of sharp distorted lines with lush reverberant arpeggios - one to grab when it is released later this month.

Luca Draccar - Flamboyant is out August 28 2020 on Lush Point Records

Hypnotic distorted synths swirl in the this 114bpm dark disco cut from Russian producer Chagochkin

Chagochkin - 4 To is out now on Tech People Music [BUY]

Vienna-based DJ and producer, and HamsterRad co-founder,  Mood Shifter (aka Simon Sayz) brings dark dubby vibes on their latest EP opener.

Mood Shifter - Bretterbodendisco is out now on HamsterRad [BUY]

A little bit acid, a little bit EBM, a little bit techno. Switzerland's Modeling Motion drop this track on the latest compilation from QLB-favorites Nein Records.

Modeling Motion - Otherwise Communicate is out now [BUY]

Here is a meditative 111bpm cut from prolific German producer Guido Braun under his 'New Waffen' moniker.

Tito K. - Gate 23 (New Waffen Keta Edit) is out now on Cancelled [BUY]

The Bogota label puts out their fifth compilation which includes this gem from the mysterious S0N1E. Buy it now.

S0N1E - No-ir is out not on Black Leather Records[BUY]

Berlin-based Greek producer Lycurgus (a.k.a. CXIxVI, Goolyk or Sibilus Satanicus) drops this dirty industrial track on PI Electronic's latest compilation.

I'm pretty sure there is some live drumming happening here and the track's filthy groove makes it a must-add to my collection.

Lycurgus - 831.16 is out now on  PI Electronics [BUY]

Entirely live and analog dirty acid vibes from Kick.S on Japan's Acidworks.

Kick.S - X1531 is out now on Acidworks [BUY]

The Barcelona-based artist and co-owner of modular synth manufacturer Endorphin.es, drops a new EP of dark techno vibes on February 28th.

Julia Bondar - I Want Forbidden is available for preorder now [BUY]

This is the opening track from the debut EP of the mysterious duo Humanmask. So mysterious in fact that this track seems to only exist on Beatport. Grab it now for its dirty industrial analog vibes.

Humanmask - Cold Camouflage Night is out now on Darkroom Bureau [BUY]

I love this cut of French electro house from Paris-based producer Molecule.  The dirty arpeggio of the first half gives way to a more laid-back lush chord overlays before the track washes out for the final minute.

Molecule - Réminiscences is out now on Ed Banger Records [BUY]