Check out this hypnotic industrial cut of techno from  Dutch producer KlangProd

KlangProd - Inhale is out now on Dog and Man [BUY]

Originally released in March of this year, B-Liv's Murga Pa' Allá resurfaces in time for ADE on My Own Beat Records compilation.

The track juggles Willie Colón samples with a tech bass line and combines them into a coherent whole.
The Redux Mix is a simplified revision that dispenses with several sonic elements (mostly lifted from the Willie Colón original) and is all the better for it.

B-Liv - Murga Pa' Allá (Redux Mix) is out now on My Own Beat Records [BUY]

Trippy distorted sine waves and 90s Casio keyboard-demo drums dominate this dark disco track from the Guatemala City producer.

Mverto Futura - Cocaína is out now on Veneo [BUY]

Keeping things industrial and percussive is Ngrymn's remix of Marc Vasquez - A Tale of Us.

Marc Vasquez - A Tale of Us (Ngrymn Remix) is out now on Toy Sounds [BUY]

Maedon (the artist formerly known as pulsewidthmod) drops their first EP which ends with this filthy industrial track.

Maedon - Alchemy is out now on Sonic Groove [BUY]

QLB-favorite, Die Jungle returns with a four-track EP Descontrolando. He keeps his trademark mix of synth and organic sounds and here he pushes down that tempo slider to 105bpm to create a dark brooding vibe.

Check the remix by Joseeph who plucks out the vocal hook and adds filtered synth drones over a driving bass line.

Die Jungle - Descontrolando is out now on Platino [BUY]

Percussive hits and pad swells flutter over a chunky bass line as Wild George takes us in a minimal direction with Bee.

Wild George - Bee is out now on AudioLabs [BUY]

Check out this EDM-tinged industrial banger from Belgian producer Radical G.

Radical G - Erase Your Mind is out now on  I-Traxx Red Edition [BUY]

I enjoyed this straight-forward acid cut from the mysterious Musical Dealer. Just watch out for the panning, you might want to play this one in mono.

Musical Dealer - Acid is out now on Beautiful Trip Records [BUY]

Quick Like Bunnies - Live at H0L0, NY

Quick Like Bunnies - Live at H0L0, NY

It was a warm autumnal Thursday night when me and a few friends threw a techno party on the Brooklyn/Queens border. Thanks to everyone who came out and danced with us! Check out the other sets by my talented friends that night and here's mine. Black Merlin - Strip Read more