MOD3LLR drops this delicious cut of broken-beat modern tech. From beneath a blanket of digital distortion, tight percussion pokes through perfectly riding the line between experimental and the dance floor.

MOD3LLR - Discreet Propagation is out now [BUY]

Finnish imprint Happosadetanssi has put out the second EP from Hikikomori Hanahadashii. Human Experiment Chamber (Italo Disto Edit) is the highlight here with washes of distortion and squelchy arpeggios.

Hikikomori Hanahadashii - Human Experiment Chamber (Italo Disto Edit) is out now on Happosadetanssi [BUY]

The mysterious London-based producer FSS (aka the not so safe-search friendly Fucking Shit Show) drops their debut album MMXX_FFS this week. It's a mangled collection of noise punk spread over nine tracks.

MWP1B_115 (can all track names have the BPM in it, please?) blends playful lo-fi broken beat noise with a wicked groove. For me, once you hear it you know you have to buy it immediately.

FSS - MWP1B_115 is out now on Veyl [BUY]

This dub-y acid track from the Mexican duo Ali X & Pvlomo, is the highlight of Get Physical's latest compilation

Ali X & Pvlomo - Starstruck! is out now on Get Physical Music [BUY]

Moscow resident Kolomensky kicks off the first release on Moil with this groove-laden cut of EBM-tinged tech.

Kolomensky - Not Too Late is out now on Moil [BUY]

I've been on a on a minimal acid streak recently and that continues with the Colombian procuder DJ Nexxo dropping Kourou this week. I like the restraint shown in the instrumentation; just a few sounds that fit perfectly together with no excess.

DJ Nexxo - Kourou is out now on Panic Music [BUY]

Italian producer Vicky Montefusco is known for their 80s vibes, and keeps it low-key acid with the title track of their latest EP.

Vicky Montefusco - Justice is out now on Dusk & Waves [BUY]

Early-set grooves here from Israeli producer Benki with a tight blend of broken beat and modular stabs.

Benki - Natural Selection is out now on Observant [BUY]

Traversable Wormhole - Stargates

Traversable Wormhole (aka Adam X) return eight years since their last album for some more sci-fi techno with the album Regions of Time which sparkles like intergalactic energy pulses.

The final track  Stargates slows things down a little (which track would you expect QLB to pick?!) with a dirty breakbeat layered under swirling arpeggios to create a vibey dark monster of a track.

Side note: if you're in New York this Thanksgiving, Adam X and MAEDON are playing at Bossa Nova on Nov 28 (free entry before 12). It's a lineup so good that it makes me consider cancelling Thanksgiving with the fam so I can stay in town.

Traversable Wormhole - Stargates is out now [BUY]

This classic 2013 track from the prolific Amsterdam producer  popped up this week on the Kollektor compilation Acid in My System Pt. 2. A dirty mix of EBM, 90s rave and acid, I Set Fires to Feel Joy sounds just as fresh six years later

Drvg Cvltvre - I Set Fires to Feel Joy was released in 2013 on Radio Kobayashi  [BUY]