Anyone who has spent some time trawling through the new releases on Beatport will notice the endless supply of budget compilation albums, all with stock-image artwork and usually with "Ibiza" in the title, that rebundle old tracks from lesser-known artists. The quality is, uh, variable but occasionally they surface some interesting stuff. Ryan Hogan's "Crazy Bear" was originally released in 2016 but resurfaced recently on one of these compilations. There are some production quirks (most of the sounds seems to be panned slightly to the left) but I like its tech-house vibes which you rarely find down at this tempo (118bpm) and its wonky synth line.

Ryan Hogan - Crazy Bear has been out since 2016 on Dream Vision (and about a dozen other labels) [BUY]

(n.b. I'd love to understand more about the business model of endless rebundling low-cost tracks on compilations, get in touch if you know more!)