It was a warm autumnal Thursday night when me and a few friends threw a techno party on the Brooklyn/Queens border. Thanks to everyone who came out and danced with us! Check out the other sets by my talented friends that night and here's mine.

Black Merlin - Strip
Dim Key - Black Room
Quick Like Bunnies - N6
Carlos - None (Quick Like Bunnies Rework)
Eczema - Sensitive Hearing
Gane Lux - Killa Instinkt
HIMCATOR - Secret a Balance 05
M I G E - Mige Pa
Gerald Parker - Superis4
Black Merlin - Def
Quick Like Bunnies - Paranoid London
Quick Like Bunnies - Dr Death
Quick Like Bunnies - Structured Human Jelly
Tyu - Moto
Quick Like Bunnies - LensKraft
Quick Like Bunnies - Redcoat
Auxzelot - Right Now