I first heard of Die Jungle last year when I came across his Capricho EP and in particular the track Negro that has  low key swagger in spades.

He returns with a new 4 track EP Trouble. While Capricho was dark and synth driven, Trouble takes those ideas but uses more organic sounds. Instead of filtered square waves, we have saturated guitar plucks. Instead of stuttering chords, we have patchworks of tuned percussion.

All four tracks  progress gracefully over the EP and balance the experimental with the traditional but the opening track Mambo is probably my favorite.  Die Jungle skillfully creates a mosaic from a disparate sonic palette (and I love that sly opening sample!). Listen out to that song's structure; I don't think any section of the track is ever repeated but each one works with the section before and the bass line keeps everything connected.

Die Jungle is a rising talent to watch.

Die Jungle - Trouble is out on Phisica on August 23 but it is available exclusively on Beatport now [BUY]