Halo is the stand out track on the six-track Halo EP from Concret & Tyu, out now on Trafico Music. Concret are the Mexican/Italian duo Diego Angelico Escobar and Q-pha. Joining them is Tyu, a producer from Mexico whose 2015 brain-warping track Moto A is worth a spin.

In Halo, Concret & Tyu skillfully blend a dub techno vibe, polyrhythmic tuned percussion with shimmering pads. The track rides the line between simple and complex. It juggles half a dozen very different elements but never allows them to get overwhelming. I like the details; such as the marimba that is introduced playing a static pattern but then comes back after the breakdown in a triplet pattern that never quite resolves mirroring the bass line.

The remixes add a fresh take on the track but for me it's the original mix that shines.

Croncret & Tyu - Halo EP out now on Trafico Music [BUY]