Choose One is a low-key percussive breaks workout from multimedia artist 0010x0010. Breathy detuned pads wash over a broken linear drum pattern punctuated with the occasional vocal sample. There is little for the listener to anchor themselves to in the track which, once you get over the stress of wondering where the 'one' is, is quite freeing to relax your brain and just let it play out. I like the idea that it is up to the listener to select where the bar starts and they can, in fact,  'choose one'.

The track comes from an upcoming album MØDVLXXR which is performed entirely on modular synthezisers and spans the breadth from hazy ambience to arpeggiated up-tempo techno. It will be the soundtrack to a new series of A/V exhibitions that will be shown around the world.

0010x0010 - MØDVLXXR is out on Modular Freq on July 15 [PREORDER]