Sometimes when there isn't any new tracks that strike my fancy, I like to sift through the back catalog of some of my favorite labels to see what gems I've missed. And Post Scriptum - Dark as You Like is one of those!
Released in July 2017 on Sonic Groove, Dark as You Like is a swirling noisy breakbeat workout that evokes early industrial tracks but never sounds retro or kitsch.

Post Scriptum - Dark as You Like on Sonic Groove [BUY]

French duo MAZE bring the dark vibes to their remix of Resonate. They take the tubular percussion from  Monolithe Noir's original and work it up into the main theme.

Monolithe Noir - Resonate (MAZE Remix) is out now on Kowtow Records [BUY]

Check out this hypnotic industrial cut of techno from  Dutch producer KlangProd

KlangProd - Inhale is out now on Dog and Man [BUY]

Originally released in March of this year, B-Liv's Murga Pa' Allá resurfaces in time for ADE on My Own Beat Records compilation.

The track juggles Willie Colón samples with a tech bass line and combines them into a coherent whole.
The Redux Mix is a simplified revision that dispenses with several sonic elements (mostly lifted from the Willie Colón original) and is all the better for it.

B-Liv - Murga Pa' Allá (Redux Mix) is out now on My Own Beat Records [BUY]

Trippy distorted sine waves and 90s Casio keyboard-demo drums dominate this dark disco track from the Guatemala City producer.

Mverto Futura - Cocaína is out now on Veneo [BUY]

Keeping things industrial and percussive is Ngrymn's remix of Marc Vasquez - A Tale of Us.

Marc Vasquez - A Tale of Us (Ngrymn Remix) is out now on Toy Sounds [BUY]

Maedon (the artist formerly known as pulsewidthmod) drops their first EP which ends with this filthy industrial track.

Maedon - Alchemy is out now on Sonic Groove [BUY]

QLB-favorite, Die Jungle returns with a four-track EP Descontrolando. He keeps his trademark mix of synth and organic sounds and here he pushes down that tempo slider to 105bpm to create a dark brooding vibe.

Check the remix by Joseeph who plucks out the vocal hook and adds filtered synth drones over a driving bass line.

Die Jungle - Descontrolando is out now on Platino [BUY]

Percussive hits and pad swells flutter over a chunky bass line as Wild George takes us in a minimal direction with Bee.

Wild George - Bee is out now on AudioLabs [BUY]

Check out this EDM-tinged industrial banger from Belgian producer Radical G.

Radical G - Erase Your Mind is out now on  I-Traxx Red Edition [BUY]

I enjoyed this straight-forward acid cut from the mysterious Musical Dealer. Just watch out for the panning, you might want to play this one in mono.

Musical Dealer - Acid is out now on Beautiful Trip Records [BUY]

Quick Like Bunnies - Live at H0L0, NY

Quick Like Bunnies - Live at H0L0, NY

It was a warm autumnal Thursday night when me and a few friends threw a techno party on the Brooklyn/Queens border. Thanks to everyone who came out and danced with us! Check out the other sets by my talented friends that night and here's mine. Black Merlin - Strip Read more